Dynamic Component Content Management System: Optimize Your Publishing Process

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven business environment, publishing static content only in the form of printed manuals, books or PDF deliverables simply won't cut it with your customer base. Modern customers demand fast and easy access to the specific information they need without having to wade through page after page of irrelevant material.

Today's technologically savvy customers also want content that includes visual enhancements such as graphics and videos to assist them in the learning process, as well as a variety of multimedia assets and interactive technologies for a more personalized user experience.

Feature Description Benefit
Multilingual content management tool A dynamic CCMS from Vasont Systems can be a vital publishing tool for meeting multilingual content management needs. A dynamic content management system ensures consistency of content replication and translation, no matter how many different languages your business operation entails. Provides consistency of project information at your fingertips while saving you millions of dollars on translation costs.
Multichannel publishing CCMS A multichannel publishing content management system gives you the ability to publish large amounts of content across multiple publication channels. Maximizes efficiency while preserving the integrity of the content.
Energized content creation Because our dynamic component content management system is component-based, you can mix and match content components to create new publications on the fly. Provides flexible components that facilitate the process of content creation.
High-speed content distribution In minutes, you can search for relevant topics, and then build a new document to create new information sources for your customers or additional revenue streams for your organization. Find the content you need to create the fresh new content your customers want.
One-step modifications Our dynamic publishing software tracks every reuse instance for each component, making global changes a one-step process. Saves time and reduces the number of opportunities for errors.
User-friendly interface Our Dynamic CCMS is easy to use because it has built-in administrative tools for content configuration and process management. Users of Vasont's dynamic publishing system don't need to possess a high level of technical savvy or computer programming skills. Most users require less than a week of training to become proficient in the system's operation. Lowers training costs and boosts productivity.
Customizable cross-platform solution The Vasont Dynamic CCMS is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor numerous features to meet their unique dynamic content management needs. Content can be conditionalized for different customers or different media channels. Delivers multiple solutions to fulfill your customers' unique needs across a variety of platforms.
Streamlined publishing process Vasont CCMS users have reported a 59% decrease in editorial timelines on average, meaning finished products can reach the marketplace faster. Increase in productivity results in a faster turnaround time.
Long-term solution Purchasing a dynamic component content management system represents an investment in the future success of your enterprise rather than another added expense. Significant return on investment

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What is Dynamic Publishing?

Dynamic publishing is a process in which unique content assets are reused simultaneously across many publications, including textual content and multimedia assets. This process makes a dynamic CCMS a highly effective tool for organizations needing to reproduce identical content across multiple publications.

Dynamic publishing also makes your static publications interactive for improved user experience. What was once limited to a picture or graph can now be illustrated more effectively through video or audio.

Finally, with dynamic publishing you can tailor your content as needed to effectively engage all types of customers and the devices they use to access it, whether it's a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Vasont Dynamic Publishing Software: A Powerful Content Management Tool

Dynamic content management from Vasont Systems is a powerful solution for energizing static content. Our dynamic component content management system allows writers to focus on what they do best: creating engaging, precise informational content that can be repurposed for many different media channels.

Dynamic Publishing in Action

Here's an example of how dynamic publishing can breathe life into a static publication and enhance the user experience:

A company that sells industrial equipment may need to include certain specific product information in its users' manual, as well as in the knowledge base section of the company website. While the users' manual displays a picture of the equipment, the knowledge base might show an animated graphic or a video of the equipment. The result is highly energized content that appeals to the visual as well as informational needs of your customers.

In addition to your customers enjoying a more comprehensive learning experience, dynamic content management makes replicating and sharing information across publications and platforms easy, ensuring greater overall message consistency.