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Vasont Systems has the capability, resources, and expertise to provide superior content management services for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences. A content management system for healthcare is a convenient and cost-effective solution for organizing your business assets so you and your staff can get the most out of your content.

CCMS for Healthcare/Life Sciences Entities

CFR Title 21 compliance is an FDA-mandated requirement in healthcare and life sciences entities such as biotech companies, developers of biologics, and medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Vasont CCMS has been successfully implemented to manage and control electronic data by leading healthcare/life science companies where 21 CFR Part 11 compliance is required.

The Vasont CCMS can help you establish and maintain audit trails, and handle electronic signatures and other forms of electronic documentation to implement a CCMS within a 21 CFR Part 11 environment.

Component Content Management Software for Medical Device Manufacturing

Vasont Systems provides access to the best and most reliable CCMS for medical devices. Our CCMS can meet the unique needs of today’s global medical device manufacturers by providing the freedom to structure your content in any way that makes the most sense for your products while adhering to federal regulations. Solutions include a wide range of integrated content management services that are specifically designed to help keep the rising costs of producing, managing, and translating multiple types of content under control. Our solutions will also help companies reuse content in the most cost-efficient and time-saving manner.

Validated Content Management Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Most pharmaceutical companies spend a large amount of time managing the numerous documents associated with the labeling process. Vasont Systems offers validated pharmaceutical CCMS solutions that can help these companies meet the various labeling challenges that are present in the United States and abroad.

Specifically, you’ll have access to a reliable regulation labeling CCMS that will help your company remain in compliance with the multitude of ever-changing laws and rules pertaining to the electronic submission of labeling content. You’ll also be able to more efficiently manage the content that is often duplicated across multiple documents, saving you time and money.

Flexible and Adaptable Content Management for Life Sciences and Healthcare

The Vasont Component Content Management System for healthcare is designed for maximum flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to work with the XML editor and publishing tools of your choice, which eliminates the need to disrupt your existing operating procedures. With the multiple organizational and regulatory changes in the modern healthcare environment, it’s comforting to know that our future-proof CCMS can accommodate significant changes without having to make costly upgrades – or purchase a brand new CCMS.

For healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations with multiple business units, divisions, or departments that need to create and manage unique content, the Vasont CCMS provides the most flexibility to allow each business unit to operate independently while maintaining commonalities across the enterprise. Some business units may need to produce labeling for regulatory approval; some may produce content that supports the use of their therapies and medical devices; and others may produce medical reference or training manuals. The Vasont CCMS accommodates each business unit's unique needs, such as authoring environment preferences, varying staff sizes and roles, and publishing channel and audience requirements, while achieving common goals for the enterprise, such as minimizing IT overhead, providing content consistency and reuse, and minimizing translation and publishing costs.

The EnCompass System and Vasont: Comprehensive Content Management for Medical Device Makers

Medical device makers have experienced a dramatic increase in content management costs in recent years (including costs to create, update, approve, and translate). In response, TransPerfect has created the EnCompass System – an integrated solution of comprehensive XML technologies, built on Vasont’s advanced content management technology. The EnCompass System includes XML content management with Vasont, translation process automation with GlobalLink Project Director, and guided authoring with ABREVE. The EnCompass System with Vasont enables you to more effectively manage the entire content development and delivery processes and reduce your overall content cost and risk.

With content management services for medical device manufacturing from Vasont Systems and the other EnCompass providers, you’ll receive:

  • Tight integration with's GlobalLink Product Suite to provide a unified process for managing and translating content
  • Patented solution for enhanced labeling risk management
  • Innovative technology featuring process automation to streamline the entire content lifecycle
  • Enhanced translation audit and review capabilities that result in increased compliance, lower costs, and the possible elimination of translation reviews
  • Complete XML publishing services that can help you minimize your documentation/translation costs
  • Cutting-edge website localization technology that uses automation to help your company establish and maintain a global Internet presence, without placing an additional burden on your IT department
  • Validated localization tools that make for effective software translation, verification, and testing, which can significantly reduce the number of device recalls traced to software issues
  • Reliable in-language account management support for your operations located around the world

Other key benefits include:

benefits of content management

  • More efficient content management process that will reduce the high cost of content faced by many medical device manufacturers
  • Reduced labeling costs by as much as 40 percent
  • As much as a 50 percent reduction in risk through the implementation of automated XML publishing
  • Dramatically improved label translation quality and reduced number of recalls
  • Reduced turnarounds by up to 50 percent and possibly eliminate the need for in-country reviews
  • Significantly lowered risk that comes with international software development

Content Management for Healthcare/Life Sciences Companies Backed by Superior Service

At Vasont Systems, we believe our clients don’t buy a content management tool – they buy a relationship. We strive to develop long-term partnerships by providing a host of value-added implementation and support services to every client; we won’t leave you hanging after the sale.

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All services are rendered by our team of in-house XML analysts. You work directly with these XML experts for data services and CCMS support.

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