Hosted Content Management: Content Security for Enterprise Content Assets

Overloaded IT departments can cause delays in the production of corporate and technical communications when CMS software installations and upgrades are lower priorities on their to-do list. Outdated hardware or networking that IT doesn't have the budget to replace can cause your CMS to run very slowly, also hindering production schedules. CMS backups may not be done frequently, which could be disastrous to the organization if the servers crashed.

The solution: Hosted content management software.

The Vasont SaaS CMS is a hosted enterprise content management system that bypasses these IT issues. Vasont Systems' hosted content management system offering provides more content security, faster hardware maintenance and more redundancy for power and security systems than an organization's internal IT department.


Our Hosted CMS Can Alleviate the Burden on Your IT Staff

If yours is like many companies, your IT staff has to spend much of the workday dealing with pressing computer network issues, leaving little time for routine maintenance issues. Hosted content management systems provide a significantly smaller investment in IT staff, software and hardware. Enjoy access to a completely Web-hosted data center without the need for additional support staff on your end, freeing up your current IT personnel for other tasks while also minimizing your IT expenses.


State-of-the-Art Data Center

Our world-class, Tier 1 data center provides redundant backup and power systems, and gives continuous Web-based access to your content anytime, anywhere. The data center features the most technologically-advanced equipment to ensure reliability and protect against fire, power interruptions and other emergencies.


High Level Security System for Additional Peace of Mind

A security breach can have devastating consequences for any company. A five-level security system in the data center ensures a safe environment for Vasont's hosted CMS software. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the Vasont hosted CMS resides on secure hardware that only your authorized users can access. We’re also a Safe Harbor and SSAE-16-certified data center, demonstrating our ability to meet the highest standards regarding data privacy, security, availability, and operating integrity.


We Take Care of Routine Maintenance for You

System maintenance is one of those things that is often overlooked, either due to a lack of time, limited resources or both. Vasont’s hosted CMS comes with a high level of support, including monthly routine system maintenance performed by our staff instead of yours, removing the burden from your shoulders. Maintenance tasks can include software and hardware upgrades and much more. System backups are done on a regular basis for speedy disaster recovery, and hardware is quickly replaced when issues arise.


Vasont Hosted Content Management Software: A User-Friendly Business Solution

In addition to its security and maintenance enhancements, our hosted content management software will benefit users throughout your organization in a number of ways. You’ll be able to more efficiently track and manage projects, receive immediate notification when content changes occur, merge multiple content versions with greater efficiency, experience improved document translation capabilities, and much more. In short, our hosted CMS is a highly flexible and versatile solution that can increase the productivity and profitability of your enterprise, both in the short term and over the long haul.


Learn More About What Vasont Hosted Content Management Software Can Do for Your Business

Vasont Systems is a Pennsylvania-based company that has been providing cost-effective content management solutions for companies of all types since 1992. We have the expertise to assist you in all phases of the content management process, from system design to implementation. We can also provide related services and comprehensive training for your users, so you can get the most out of your hosted CMS.


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