Content Management for Manufacturing and Distribution Firms

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Manufacturing and distribution firms routinely produce a wide range of content that must be organized and managed efficiently. Examples include product and technical manuals, catalogs, and troubleshooting guides. However, managing and updating this content can place a heavy burden on staff members who already have a lot on their plates. An effective manufacturing industry content management system can save time, improve accuracy, and reduce the costs involved in the document management process.

Vasont Systems Can Provide the Ideal Manufacturing Company Content Management Solution

Vasont Systems provides a state-of-the-art content management system for distribution firms and manufacturing companies that can efficiently organize vast amounts of information across numerous departments. Get the benefit of a multichannel publishing system that can handle content in various formats. You’ll be able to reuse content and make it more readily available to users throughout your organization. The multilingual capabilities offered by the Vasont® CCMS can also be an important advantage if your company serves the international marketplace.

Key Benefits of the Vasont CCMS

Whether you require a heavy-duty manufacturing content management solution or a CCMS for a distribution firm, the Vasont CCMS offers several important benefits including:

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  • ROI – Because you’ll be able to manage content more efficiently, the Vasont CCMS will dramatically reduce your overall operating costs. These reductions will also provide a fast return on your content management system investment.
  • POD capabilities – A Vasont CCMS provides print-on-demand capabilities that allow you to deliver manuals, guides, and other content on demand in a wide range of media formats.
  • Improved content accuracy – The manual updating and handling of content by multiple users typically results in several errors. A manufacturing industry content management system from Vasont Systems requires content to be stored only once, which ensures that reuse of content is always accurate and complete. Organizations that currently implement our manufacturing company content management solution reuse an average of 93 percent of their content, which leads to greater efficiency and accuracy. The Vasont CCMS can also automatically recognize content across multiple documents and eliminate duplicate content when necessary.
  • Enhanced communication – The Vasont CCMS literally allows users across multiple departments to be on the “same page.” All users have access to the same information, which facilitates the communication process between departments.
  • Content security – Not all content is intended for sharing throughout an organization. Vasont Systems’ component content management system for distribution firms and manufacturing companies includes advanced security features to protect sensitive information. Only authorized users will have access to designated content.
  • Complete support – Vasont CCMS users receive full support, including prompt and reliable technical support to ensure you and your team can maximize the many user benefits.

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