The Need for Multilingual Content Management in a Global Economy

Multilingual CMS: A Global Business NecessityIs your business fully equipped to operate in today's global marketplace? There's no doubt that factors such as the rise of multiculturalism and the pervasiveness of the Internet have changed the way companies do business. They have also created a wealth of opportunities that simply didn't exist before. Now more than ever, a company can seek to expand the scope of its operation well beyond its own backyard.

Meeting the Challenges of the Global Marketplace

Participating in a global economy also poses significant challenges. If you want to compete successfully, your company must be well-versed in the language and cultural mores of every country in which you plan to conduct business. This means that the content you share with your global business partners, such as users' manuals, websites, and training materials, may need to be published in a variety of languages. All language translations must be executed flawlessly to ensure effective and consistent communication with customers located around the world.

Consequently, a reliable multilingual content management tool can make a critical difference in the success of your international business ventures.

The Solution: A Multilingual Content Management System

A multilingual CCMS from Vasont Systems can help you ensure all your critical documents meet the needs of your employee and client base. We offer complete Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8 and UTF-16) support capabilities that allow for multilingual translation management down to even the subdocument level. You'll be able to easily quote, initiate and track translation projects from beginning to end.

GlobalLink Integration

The Vasont CCMS integrates with’s GlobalLink® Product Suite. GlobalLink is a localization management software suite that helps you improve the quality and consistency of your global content by providing the ability to effectively manage necessary translations and expediting the process from content creation to translation reviews and approvals. With this integration, you have a unified process for managing and translating your critical business content.

CCMS Multilingual Software Greatly Reduces Translation Costs

Translating materials into multiple languages is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but it can create a large expense for your organization, especially if numerous languages are involved. Vasont's multilingual CCMS helps you reduce the cost of translations by reusing content and sending only new or changed content to the translators. Communications teams who use Vasont's multilingual component content management system have reaped millions of dollars in translation cost savings for their organizations.

Faster Translation Cycles to Save You Time and Money

Whether you're conducting business around the corner or around the world, one factor remains constant: time is money. Vasont's multilingual component content management system significantly reduces the translation cycles by as much as 86%, reducing labor costs and positively impacting your organization's bottom line. By reducing operating costs, you'll likely see a return on your initial investment in the multilingual content management system in a relatively short period of time.

Unifying Global Content

One of the biggest challenges with expanding your operations globally is that it can be difficult to maintain a high level of content consistency. If your organization operates in multiple countries around the world, Vasont's multilingual content CCMS can provide enhanced content unification. The ability to reuse multilingual content across key documents, regardless of the number of different languages, ensures accurate and clear multilingual communications. You'll never have to worry about vital information becoming "lost in translation".

Consistency of Terminology

A Vasont multilingual CCMS can do more than ensure accurate translation from one language to another; it can also help define and manage the key business terminology that does not translate well into other languages. For instance, while the phrase "in the ballpark" is frequently used by English-speaking companies, it has no meaning in other languages. Our multilingual content management system will keep you and your global business partners on the same page, whether you operate in Singapore or Seattle.

Safe and Secure Multilingual Content Management

An unfortunate consequence of conducting business globally is that it raises additional concerns regarding security and privacy. This is especially true when highly sensitive content such as closely guarded trade secrets or other proprietary company information is involved. In a time where system security is paramount, it's important to know our multilingual component content management systems offer maximum safety. Only users you authorize are permitted access to the system through the use of unique user IDs and passwords. Content is further secured with limited roles and ownership privileges when needed. Both you and your international customers and subcontractors will have the peace of mind knowing your multilingual CCMS is safe and secure.

Keep Pace with the Rapidly Changing Global Environment

There's little doubt that the international business climate will continue to evolve, especially as new technologies are developed and new, untapped markets emerge around the world. Keeping pace with the ever-changing global business environment presents a major challenge for any organization that operates internationally or needs to communicate in a number of languages. A Vasont multilingual content management system translates as "more effective content management" in any language.

Discover What a Vasont Multilingual Component Content Management System Can Do for Your Organization

The emergence of a global economy presents a wide range of exciting possibilities for any company that is sincerely committed to long-term growth. You'll need access to the right tools to help you achieve your dream of international business success and avoid the pitfalls that could derail your efforts along the way. Learn more about how a Vasont multilingual content management system can solve your Enterprise Content Management needs.