Content Management for Company Training

Companies in all types of industries are placing a greater emphasis on staff training in an effort to increase employee productivity and improve retention. Tools such as e-learning courses and online PowerPoint (PPT) presentations make it easier to train a large number of employees throughout an organization. Vasont Systems offers content management for company training that facilitates the process of sharing consistent content, resulting in more effective training procedures.content management training

How Does Content Management for Company Training Work?

The Vasont® CMS enables you to take technical content and other materials and reuse them for training purposes. For instance, you can use the existing material in a product manual to create an e-learning course or PPT that can be implemented by your company’s training department. This can save a significant amount of time, since the training department won’t have to re-create the content. It also ensures the exact same content is made available throughout your organization, which can result in more effective collaboration between departments.

Simplified LMS Integration

The Vasont CMS offers easy integration with Learning Management System software to produce customized e-learning courses. The Vasont CMS can serve as a central editorial repository and deliver SCORM-compliant content to proprietary or open source LMSs that act as the deliverable for e-learning courses and other online knowledge bases.

Other Key Vasont CMS Training Benefits

Other valuable benefits of content management for company training include:

  • Increased accuracy when updating content – Training materials are useless if they contain outdated or inaccurate information. The Vasont CMS can eliminate the errors that often occur during the manual updating of training documents.
  • Enhanced content security – It’s possible that there will be certain training materials you won’t want to make available throughout your company. The Vasont CMS enables you to limit content access to authorized users.
  • The ability to produce training materials in multiple languages — If your company is global in scope, you’ll likely need to create training documents in several languages. Our content management for company training allows you to securely manage content in multiple languages and even track multiple versions of your multilingual content.
  • Reduced operating costs — The redundancy involved with creating training documents takes time and results in higher labor costs. Because the Vasont CMS allows you to reuse existing content to develop your training materials, you can save a significant amount of money. Most Vasont CMS users experience a fast return on their investment.

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