Component Content Management System Software for the Travel Industry

How confident are you that your transportation company’s content management process is an asset — and not a liability? If it’s been several years since you’ve updated your component content management system or you haven’t made the transition to a CCMS environment, it is probably limiting your staff’s productivity. And it’s probably negatively affecting your organization’s bottom line.

Vasont Systems can provide a technologically advanced content management system specifically designed for companies in the transportation/travel industry. A Vasont® CCMS enables you to effectively organize and manage a wide range of content such as training and users’ manuals, website content, and marketing materials throughout your organization, enabling you to operate with greater efficiency.

The Best CCMS for Airlines and Other Travel Entities

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Vasont Systems is the best source for a content management system for airlines as well as other transportation and travel entities such as train and bus lines, hotels, travel and car rental agencies. A CCMS used in travel industry applications enables companies to more efficiently organize their websites, reuse content over multiple channels, produce and maintain content with greater accuracy, and centralize all content in one location.

In addition, a Vasont CCMS provides enhanced content security, a critical concern in every travel/transportation company today. You will have the ability to limit access to sensitive documents by assigning user privileges only to authorized personnel. You can also institute further control of CCMS access through the use of unique user IDs and passwords.

Multilingual CCMS for Airlines

Airlines that provide service to nations around the globe have a particular need for a CCMS with superior translation capabilities. Vasont Systems can provide a multilingual CCMS for airlines that allows you to manage the entire translation process more efficiently than ever. Get the benefit of seamless translation into multiple languages and faster translation cycles that can dramatically reduce your organization’s overall translation costs. On average, Vasont CCMS users reduce their translation cycles by 80 percent, and lower their translation costs by 78 percent.

Another benefit of a multilingual CCMS for airlines is an enhanced ability to employ consistent terminology. This enables you to translate from one language to another with greater accuracy. You will also be able to more effectively manage specific words and phrases that do not translate clearly into other languages, helping you avoid potentially damaging miscommunications.

Transportation Content Management System Software That is Easy to Use

Even the most advanced CCMS software is of little value if members of your team have difficulty using it. A Vasont CCMS is designed for fast and easy setup. Even novice users can learn how to take advantage of its various features with a week or less of training in most cases. We also give you access to numerous resources that can facilitate the training process for your entire organization.

Fully Supported Travel Industry CCMS Software

Incorporating a CCMS into your organization may pose a challenge, so we provide complete support every step of the way. We offer a wide range of implementation services such as the development of a comprehensive implementation plan, server setup, CCMS configuration and testing, and complete software installation. You can also count on us for prompt, reliable technical support for as long as you are a Vasont Systems client.

Contact Us to Learn More about a CCMS for Airlines and Other Travel Industry Entities

No matter what type of transportation company you operate, Vasont Systems can provide an efficient, high-performing component content management system that enhances the content management process throughout your organization. Contact us for more information and to schedule a no-obligation CCMS consultation today.