XML Content Management: Accurately Replicate Content Across Multiple Channels

If yours is like most organizations these days, you probably have content, such as text, graphics and charts, in numerous locations like websites, users' manuals, training materials and directories. If so, you recognize the need to accurately replicate content across these multiple channels to ensure you're providing consistent information. There's also the challenge of making information available in a number of different languages to meet the demands of the modern global marketplace.

However, effective content management poses quite a challenge. Communications departments don't always have the resources to keep up with the demands of constantly changing and evolving information needs. Chances are you need these valuable members of your organization to work on the most pressing communications issues requiring immediate attention.

The Solution: XML Component Content Management Systems

Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with your content management needs. An XML component content management system from Vasont takes the burden off the shoulders of your communications department. The XML CCMS is a software system that can significantly decrease the time, not to mention money, you need to spend to effectively manage XML content. You'll have the ability to store, search and reuse all of your content in one database application. XML content management systems are the perfect solution for organizations needing to manage large volumes of content across multiple content channels.

XML Management Benefits any Type of Organization

Because Vasont's XML management system features multichannel publishing capabilities, it can benefit any organization needing to replicate identical information across multiple communication channels or repeat identical information throughout a particular document. Organizations that need to update information frequently will also discover that our XML content manager can be an invaluable tool for efficient document management.

Manage XML Content to Improve Multilingual Translation Capabilities

In today's global climate, attempting to conduct business using only one or two languages can quickly leave your organization by the wayside. Our CCMS managing XML software features full support capabilities for multilingual translation management down to the subdocument level. This means by implementing the use of our multilingual CCMS, you could end up saving millions of dollars in translation costs.

XML CCMS Provides Maximum User Control and Customization

Our XML component content management systems also include built-in customization options for the ultimate in user control. A greater degree of customization means less time spent on system maintenance and more time for productive activities.

Avoid Multiple Conflicting Copies

Vasont's XML content management software eliminates the possibility of multiple copies containing conflicting information being distributed to different parts of the organization. The built-in single-sourcing feature means users only have to edit their content one time, and only the one copy will be stored in the system's repository.

We Also Provide a Full Array of Services

At Vasont Systems, we realize transitioning to any new software program is not always easy. That's why we include comprehensive customer service when you select our XML content management system. We're here to help you implement the XML publishing system by providing key services, such as complete data analysis, server setup and CCMS configuration and testing. We also provide technical support, as well as initial and ongoing CCMS training. We'll even assist you with your project management needs.

You don't have to struggle with XML content management issues any longer. Whether you need to create, manage or repurpose content across multiple publications, the XML content management system from Vasont Systems allows you to perform the task with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Most importantly, an XML CCMS can improve what matters most: your enterprise's bottom line.

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