How a CMS Can Broaden Technical Writers

Technical writing is considered by some to be a dead-end job. That does not need to be the case! The introduction of a content management system (CMS) into a technical communications department creates new opportunities for employee development, particularly for writers with years of experience. Take a look at some of the many job possibilities for technical writers.

Roles & Responsibilities in DITA-Authoring

This month, we asked Vasont CMS user Deb Bissantz, Technology Lead from LSI Corporation, for her tips on the roles needed when moving to a content management strategy. As LSI’s Technology Lead, Deb’s responsibilities include: CMS administration, structured template maintenance, WebWorks ePublisher stationery maintenance, and training. Deb is also an active member of the DITA Technical Committee and the DITA Adoption Committee. Here are Deb’s tips: