Controlling Your Content

Ensuring consistency in the message and content can ensure your message is received the same way across every media platform it is published through. That’s where implementing a content management system (CMS) comes into play. Making the change from unstructured content to a CMS helps companies provide more effective content development, content management, process management, technical translation management, and publishing strategies while reducing cycle times and increasing productivity. They can also help your company create more effective multilingual and XML management, greater flexibility and performance advantages that will optimize resources and processes. Once you have your CMS, what can you do in terms of reuse to gain greater control of your message?

Reaching Audiences with a Multilingual CMS

How to Reach a Wider Audience with a Multilingual CMS


As the Internet has grown, the world has gotten smaller. This digital contraction has expanded the customer bases of many businesses, so people halfway across the world can access any company’s ecommerce platform within a matter of seconds.

2014 Vasont Users’ Group Meeting Recap

Last week, Vasont Systems’ customers and partners traveled from all over the world to attend our annual Vasont Users’ Group Meeting in Hershey, Pennsylvania, “The Sweetest Place on Earth.” This interactive event gave Vasont CMS users the chance to discover more about our products and related digital publishing topics, network with other users, and provide feedback for future development.

Tweetable Takeaways: A LavaCon 2013 Recap

This past October, we had the pleasure to attend the 2013 LavaCon Conference in Portland, Oregon.  The week was filled with insightful presentations and thought-provoking roundtable discussions, making this conference worthwhile for any attendee.   Vendors, guests, and speakers took advantage of Twitter throughout the conference by tweeting at the trending hashtag “#lavacon2013.” Through this hashtag, Twitter users were able to communicate their key takeaways and opinions about the sessions and the conference itself.  Here, we recap a few of the most popular #lavacon2013 tweets as shared by some of the presenters and attendees at the conference.