What Does a CCMS Do That Other Systems Don’t?

What Does a CCMS Do That Other Systems Don't

We often hear questions like, “Can I still use DITA if I don’t have a component content management system (CCMS)?“ . The answer is “Yes“ …but… Like any method of publishing, you can perform various functions to a certain point without a CCMS. However, there are things a CCMS does that other tools don’t do that can make you more effective in your publishing process:

Tips for Content Conversion

Tips for Content Conversion

CMS content conversion can involve the transformation from a print to digital content format, or from one digital format to another. Whether you are considering content conversion to digital formats for the first time or assessing your process for ongoing needs, a clear strategy will give you the greatest chance of a smooth experience and a successful end result. Here are some key points to keep in mind when readying your content for conversion:

Tips for Justifying Your CMS Each Year

Each year, CFOs review the costs expended by their companies to verify that the money being spent is worthwhile. If they find that spending cannot be justified with positive results, budgets may be cut for those departments. In that case, you may need to say good-bye to the tools, the support, and the services that you might rely on to do your job if you can’t prove its worth.

Tips for Creating a Content Strategy

Do you have a content strategy to guide your content lifecycle? As your content base grows, it is more critical than ever to have a solid content strategy in place. A good content strategy maintains integrity across your content base and keeps the processes through which your content flows consistent. Here are some tips for creating a strong content strategy:

Technical Writing Tips: Recap from the 2013 Best Practices Conference

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to attend the 2013 Best Practices Conference in Savannah, Georgia. The program presented the most interesting presentations, making this the best of the Best Practices ever. Here, we recap a few of the excellent technical writing tips as shared by some of the presenters at the conference. While some of these tips may seem like common sense, we often need a reminder of the obvious:

Tips for Finding the Right Content in a CCMS

Component content management is all about reusing content modules to save on content creation time, avoid inconsistencies in content, and trim translation costs. When you’re given a new writing assignment, you must be able to find the right content to reuse. If no matches are available, then you know you need to create something new. Here are three effective ways to find existing modules in a CCMS: